Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wii launch window software

1Wii2006-12-0288Trauma Center: Second OpinionAtlus023,409
2Wii2006-12-0240Crayon Shin-Chan: Saikyou Kazoku Kasukabe King WiiBanpresto065,188
3Wii2006-12-0261Kororinpa: Marble ManiaHudson021,747
4Wii2006-12-0292Wing IslandHudson08,051
6Wii2006-12-0248Ennichi no TatsujinNamco Bandai Games5040109,877
7Wii2006-12-0280SD Gundam: Scad HammersNamco Bandai Games609045,439
8Wii2006-12-0286Tamagotchi Party On!Namco Bandai Games065,658
9Wii2006-12-0287The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessNintendo6800552,476
10Wii2006-12-0289WarioWare: Smooth MovesNintendo5800654,200
11Wii2006-12-0290Wii PlayNintendo48002,800,615
12Wii2006-12-0291Wii SportsNintendo48003,682,754
13Wii2006-12-0283Super Monkey Ball: Banana BlitzSega038,600
14Wii2006-12-0249Escape from Bug IslandSpike011,928
15Wii2006-12-0285Super Swing GolfTecmo609061,163
16Wii2006-12-0268Monster 4x4 World CircuitUbisoft05,927
17Wii2006-12-0276Red SteelUbisoft045,411
18Wii2006-12-1472Pokémon Battle RevolutionPokémon5800352,123
19Wii2006-12-1436Bleach: Shattered BladeSega072,909
20Wii2006-12-1475Rayman Raving RabbidsUbisoft014,095
21Wii2006-12-2170Need for Speed: CarbonElectronic Arts015,701
22Wii2007-01-0143Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2Namco Bandai Games7140165,969
23Wii2007-01-1156GT Pro SeriesMTO020,913
24Wii2007-01-1850Excite TruckNintendo580081,189
25Wii2007-01-2562Mahjong Taikai WiiKoei07,685
26Wii2007-02-0839Cooking Mama: Cook OffTaito039,213
27Wii2007-02-2252Fire Emblem: Radiant DawnNintendo6800171,924
28Wii2007-02-2269Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EXTomy6800109,971
29Wii2007-03-0141Densha de Go! Shinkansen EX: Sanyou Shinkansen HenTaito08,725
30Wii2007-03-0837Bomberman LandHudson042,256
31Wii2007-03-0851Eyeshield 21: Field Saikyou no SenshitachiNintendo580026,013
32Wii2007-03-1554G-1 Jockey WiiKoei025,071
33Wii2007-03-1581Sonic and the Secret RingsSega732930,563
34Wii2007-03-1582SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty KrabTHQ Japan01,852
35Wii2007-03-2174Puzzle Series Vol. 1: SudokuHudson0482
36Wii2007-03-2178Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI with Power-Up KitKoei01,111
37Wii2007-03-2238CarsTHQ Japan01,045
38Wii2007-03-2953Fishing MasterHudson504095,473

GameCube and 3DS launch lineups

1GCNSuper Smash Bros. MeleeNintendo2001-11-216651,349,4182004-12-20
2GCNSuper Mario SunshineNintendo2002-07-19902789,9892011-10-31
3GCNAnimal CrossingNintendo2001-12-14662641,3002003-12-22
5GCNLuigi's MansionNintendo2001-09-14663348,9182002-12-23
6GCNResident EvilCapcom2002-03-22898267,4702002-12-23
7GCNSonic Adventure 2 BattleSega2001-12-20667192,1862002-12-23

2011-02-264708Super Street Fighter IV: 3D EditionCapcom4800137,883
23DS2011-02-264714Winning Eleven 3DSoccerKonami5800101,088
33DS2011-02-264703Professor Layton and the Mask of MiracleLevel Five5980354,344
43DS2011-02-264709Ridge Racer 3DNamco Bandai Games6090104,893
53DS2011-02-264705Nintendogs + Cats (French Bulldog, Shiba, Toy Poodle & New Friends)Nintendo4800535,022
63DS2011-02-264718Bust-A-Move UniverseSquare Enix498018,545
73DS2011-02-264706Samurai Warriors: ChroniclesTecmo Koei6090147,777
83DS2011-02-264720Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3DUbisoft504015,123
93DS2011-03-034726Super Monkey Ball 3DSega44105,303
103DS2011-03-174734Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos TheoryUbisoft50405,796
113DS2011-03-244737Gundam the 3D BattleNamco Bandai Games609058,778
123DS2011-03-314749BlazBlue: Continuum Shift IIArc System Works52295,550
133DS2011-03-314744Pro Baseball Family Stadium 2011Namco Bandai Games609017,704
143DS2011-03-314746Naruto Shippuden 3D: The New EraTomy504010,787
153DS2011-04-144762Pro Baseball Spirits 2011Konami580015,268
163DS2011-04-144760Pilotwings ResortNintendo480066,713
173DS2011-05-125104Steel DiverNintendo480022,242
183DS2011-05-195111Dead or Alive: DimensionsKoei Tecmo609039,241
193DS2011-05-195116Animal Resort: Let's Make a ZooMarvelous Entertainment49802,968
203DS2011-05-265117One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SPNamco Bandai Games6090267,450
213DS2011-06-025129Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DCapcom4800112,737
223DS2011-06-165138The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DNintendo4800498,145
233DS2011-06-235154Fish Eyes 3DMarvelous Entertainment39903,209
243DS2011-06-305155Tales of the AbyssNamco Bandai Games6090106,540

Rough Wii and GameCube 3rd party sales comparison

Game Cube
 0 titles selling 1 million copies or more
0 titles selling 500K copies or more
9 titles selling 200k copies or more
19 titles selling 100K copies or more


 1 titles selling 1 million copies or more
2 titles selling 500K copies or more
18 titles selling 200k copies or more
38 titles selling 100K copies or more

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dragon Quest Swords Comparisons

DQ:Swords was at 128 the next week, which is 6/11/2007

154 the next week, 6/18

170 6/25

227 7/2

284, 7/10 (a Monday)

300, 7/12. release date

Comgnet 6/24


DQX-117 (+9) (DQ:S was at 106)

(DQ:Swords was at 128 the next week, which is 6/11/2007)

Weekly Orders

BandW2- 1362, 1338, 2700

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Comgnet 6/17


BandW2- 987, 863, 1850 (+144)

DQX-108 (+4) (DQ:S was at 90)

Weekly Orders

Persona 4 Golden-310

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dragon Quest Wii final preorder numbers

DQ: Swords- 300 pre-orders, unknown orders, 302K first week.

DQ Monster Battle Road Victory- 258 pre-orders, 390 orders, 146K first week

DQ Collection- 255 pre-orders, 527 orders, 265K first week

Almost 2 months before release, DQX has 104 pre-orders.

Comgnet 6/10


BandW2- 916, 790, 1706 total

DQX-104 (52 days from release- DQ:Swords had approximately 83 pre orders at this time) (DQ: Collection had approximately 40 pre orders) (DQ:MBR Victory was not ranked, and entered 4 days later at 24).

Weekly Orders

DQM: Wonderland- 1166