Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Senguko Basara 3 announced!! For Wii..and PS3?

Yup, in a bit of a surprise, Basara 3 is coming to Wii and PS3. Previous speculation was that it would be a Wii exclusive.


-60% complete, will release in 2010 (probably pretty early).

Some notes observations:

- Probably no U.S release if Capcom isn't bothering with a 360 version

-Could this lead to the next console Monster Hunter coming to PS3??

- What version will sell better? My money is on the PS3. There is already an audience for these types of games on the PS3 from the Dynasty Warriors series, and I can't see much of a compelling reason to buy the Wii version. Will be interesting to see what version Capcom pushes.

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