Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Famitsu Software Leak Confirmed! Top 50 for 1/18/-1/24 is out..

Last weeks leak was confirmed as legitimate with the official release of last weeks top 30.

This week also saw a leak for 1/18-/24

Some notable titles:

1. NSMB Wii- 116K (3.118m)

2. Valkeria Chronicles 2- (101K)

5. KH:BBS- 54.3K (645K)

7. RE:DC- 19K (98k)

19. Momotaro Wii- 8K (203K)

20. FF13- 7.5K (1.867m)

21. Taiko Wii 2- 7K (291K)

25. Pikachu's Adventure- 5K (290K)

28. SW3- 3.8K (248K)

42. MH Tri- 2.7K (994.1K)

45. SSBB- 2.6K (1.906M)

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