Saturday, December 19, 2009

Amazon Japan Spot check- 12/19

A caveat- Amazon rankings are of course incredibly unreliable and should not in any way be relied upon. That said, I think they can show trends that later bear themselves out when we get actual software numbers.

- As in real life, NSMB Wii keep trading spots at the top with each going in and out of stock

-Friend Collection has been near the top, currently at #3 since the holiday season started

-Hardware wise, PS3 has been lodged at #4 while Wii is at 37 and #10

-Wii software in general is rising. Wii Fit Plus bundle is at #6, Wii Sports Resort is at #8, the Pikachu Adventure game is at #13, and most surprisingly the Taiko Wii bundle is at #14. For perspective, when that software launched a month ago it never got higher than the mid-30's.

- NSMB Wii is at #20

- Other games hanging around the top 25- PSP2 at #19, Layton at #12, Momorotou at #29, Gundam V at #31 and Graces at #25

- SW3 is at #45

- You can detect an increase in Wii awareness by old games suddenly rising into the top 100. Mario Kart Wii is at #37, Wii Sports is at #53, and Smash Bros. Brawl is at #65.

- Finally, Monster Hunter Tri standalone, marked down to 3100 yen, over half off, makes it back to the top 100 at #91.

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