Sunday, December 20, 2009

Comgnet projection- New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Final Fantasy 13

Again, this is a very limited tool but I think its interesting to see how the Comgnet number end up matching up.

NSMB Wii did 1.125 better this week. Applying that number to last weeks NSMB Wii number, this week would get sales of 523K. I doubt this will actually be the number, but I think we can expect a minimal dropo ff.

For FF13, 79% of the total orders were preorders. If we start with 1.15, which is probably close to the "over a million without the bundles" P.R SE released Friday, we would get about 1.4M sales for the week.

Also, Pikachu would see another increase and Graces would see a 2nd week around 20K if the Comgnet ratio's hold out. For Graces I expect a bit better, but not much.

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