Sunday, December 27, 2009

Comgnet 12/27- Weekly Orders (New Super Mario Bros Wii, Final Fantasy 13)

KH:BBS- 753 (+24)

RE:DC- 19 for the standard edition, 17 for the collectors edition for a total of 36. (the same amount of days before release, Umbrella Chronicles had 37 orders)

Weekly Orders- Starting this week I am going to list the complete top 20, since to the best of my knowledge no one else keeps track of weekly orders

1. NSMB Wii- 912 (down 27 from last week)(if this is somewhat in line nationwide, expect another 500K+ week for NSMB Wii)

2. Friend Collection- 472 (up 259 from last week)

3. Z:ST- 453

4. FF13- 431 (down 2351, down by a multiplier of 6.45, which would equal a 232K 2nd week)

5. Little Busters PSP- 212

6. Layton Devil's Flute- 162

7. PSP2- 162 (down 1)

8. Gundam V- 103 (up 14)

9. Wii Fit Plus standalone- 120 ( up 43)

10. WSR- 115 (up 62)

11. Pokemon Silver- 115

12. Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics DS- 111

13. Taiko 2 Wii- 103 (up 51)

14. Pikachu Adventure- 94 (up 20)

15. Pokemon Gold- 92

16. Penguin DS- 84

17. NSMB DS- 75

18. Inazuma 2 Fire- 70

19. Inazuma 2 Blizzard- 69

20. Naruto PSP- 64


  1. Hi, MDS? I thank you for your continuous coverage of game sales over the years. Impressed that you kept this up for a very long time.

    Just one question, and then, I'll really leave you alone. ^_^ The "pt" after the numbers in the Japanese listings, are a representation of the "thousands", right? For example, 34pt = 34,000? I just want to be sure of this.

    Thank you! (Um, and it's ok if I don't see any response from you. ^_^)

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  3. tomokh- thanks for the comments. Truthfully I'm not sure what the units represent number wise- I know comgnet is just one online retailer so I suspect the number isn't very high. What is more important in my opinion, is that the numbers seem pretty useful in determining sales patterns.

  4. I see. Alright... Thank you! ^___^

    I was afraid that I was asking a stupid question, but I couldn't help it. Tried researching online and I couldn't find any results to this, but nevermind now.... (And according to Vgcharts, their predictions are somewhat different so yeah, you could be right.)

    And I feel kind of guilty with that spam bot post following my post. >__< Glad that you got rid of it. ^^;