Sunday, December 20, 2009

PS3 Hardware this week- how high can it go?

I've waffled on this from the start. I've thought for a while it would be somewhere just south of 200K which would still be the highest PS3 week ever.

However, we now have a rumor of 200K special bundles being introduced and reports from a reliable neogaf poster that at least in the Tokyo area the bundles are sold out.

If there really were 200K bundles and they are close to a sell out, could we see hardware sales approaching 400K?

That number still seems a bit high to me- it would be 2.5 times higher than the previous week high for the console.

I do think we could see a 325-350K week though, if the bundle number was correct.

I doubt we're going to see all 200K bundles sold, but even if it sold 150-175K, we can probably assume the normal Slim numbers were at least double that which could give us a 350K week.

The good news is we should get FF13 and PS3 news tomorrow morning with a Famitsu special report.

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